Marion Henriet, SAP Sales Manager at EBM Consulting for two years

Marion, can you tell us a bit about EBM Consulting?

Since its creation in 2007, EBM Consulting has experienced an extraordinary evolution and has become a player in the world of digital transformation in Luxembourg. Today, we have more than 60 employees and 50 freelancers working for us.

Our goal for 2023 is to increase our workforce to meet the market demand. We have a team of 6 recruiters within our group to achieve this and are constantly looking for new profiles.

Looking to the future, EBMC continues to work daily in synergy with its key partners.

We offer our clients a complete and innovative range of services around the implementation of an ERP, SAP in our case.

How would you describe your missions within EBMC?

My main function is Sales Manager on SAP, mainly in Luxembourg, but I have a bit of a hybrid job and that’s what I like. We have a management style that gives us a lot of freedom as long as the results are there.

For example, I take part in some candidate interviews on SAP or IT thanks to my 10 years’ experience as a headhunter. I also take care of certifications and training on SAP internally but also and especially for our consultants. Our objective is to certify all our consultants on SAP.

I also managed the communication and marketing for EBMC. Today, this function is performed by our trainee Pauline, who has just obtained her permanent contract with us to meet the needs of the market.

You have many years of experience in IT and SAP, why did you choose EBM Consulting?

The project presented at EBMC during my interview was very interesting for me. It matched my two previous experiences as a headhunter in IT and as a Sales Manager on SAP and Navision.

EBMC is a family company but it is constantly evolving.

I have only been here for two years, but I have seen a constant evolution. We have become an SAP Partner, have been awarded the Made In Lux label, and are in the process of being awarded the Actions Positives label. We are also present in many SAP communities on LinkedIn.

Working exclusively on SAP for several years, EBMC has recently expanded its offer by opening an IT department and offering IT consultancy. Recently, we also opened a recruitment company specialising in SAP and IT profiles, which is doing very well, even beyond our expectations.

This open-mindedness and attention to new market developments is what makes EBMC so successful today

What are the values of EBMC for you?

Team spirit is the first value that comes to mind when I think of EBMC.

When I arrived at EBMC, the high number of Sales people worried me a bit, but I quickly realised that there is no competition between us. Instead, there is a real team spirit. Mutual assistance is another of our values: if one of us has a problem, we can count on our colleagues to help us solve it.

Finally, the last value that is important to me is conviviality. We meet regularly at the restaurant at lunchtime, and some of us also play sports together. When we win a project, we all celebrate together. We really are a united team, and that’s great!

What profiles are you regularly looking for?

As far as I am concerned, I am looking for all SAP profiles.

We are constantly evolving and we have a good sales team on SAP. However, the market is quite tight for candidates at the moment.

By joining us, we can offer you a stimulating and interesting project, with constant evolution and certifications, project manager, team leader or pre-sales roles. We are mainly present in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

For any questions or needs, please contact me on LinkedIn !