Olivier Ferrarese, SAP Recruiter and Sales Manager

Olivier, you have been with EBM Consulting for many years. Can you tell us about its evolution?

Yes, I joined EBM Consulting in 2011.

The company has naturally evolved a lot since then in terms of positioning and visibility: creation of a “Global IT” BU in 2019 in order to complete our offer (focused at the time only on SAP), taking on fixed-price projects in our own name, participation in increasingly important calls for tender…

The team in the office has also evolved, as at one time there were only three sales people and an administrative assistant. Today, we have an expanded sales team, several recruiters and a strong back office, which allows us to offer a much better working experience to our consultants and a more complete service to our clients.

Today we have a well-developed sales team, several recruiters and a strong back office

How would you describe your tasks at EBMC?

Today, I mainly work on the recruitment of internal consultants for SAP, from sourcing to the formulation of financial offers and follow-up, including interviews.

Having held a sales position for more than 10 years, I still have a foot in this activity, which allows me to have a view of market developments and to keep in touch with clients that I have known for several years.

Finally, as I have access to a very large panel of SAP consultants in Luxembourg and elsewhere, I have been working since this year on a permanent outsourced recruitment service for companies that wish to integrate consultants into their teams on a permanent basis.

What are the advantages of this double role of Sales and SAP Recruiter?

Well, on the one hand, when I interview consultants, I am able to talk to them in a very concrete way about the company’s missions and projects.

This also allows me to target consultants I know will be suitable for our business, to have the daily rates for each profile in mind when I make my offers, to know the softskills required for each position (not the same for developers or finance consultants, for example).

On the other hand, placing consultants that I have hired myself with my clients gives me more confidence because even before the start of the commercial process, I have already had the opportunity to talk extensively with the employees I am proposing.

For you, what are the values of EBM Consulting?

I would say the proximity of the management, sales, backoffice teams and the consultants, the willingness to offer a quality work experience to the consultants (we have a very low turnover) and the possibility to offer the services of a very experienced team to our clients.

The possibility to offer the services of a very experienced team to our clients.


What profiles are you regularly looking for?

There are profiles that we are able to integrate at any time and on a regular basis:

SAP developers
SAP Finance consultants
SAP logistics consultants